3 Misconceptions of Merchants about Mobile Commerce



Mobile commerce is huge and it is still getting bigger. 50% of the online purchases are done through mobile. Still, there are many beliefs and misconceptions regarding about mobile commerce. These misconceptions can cause major mobile commerce failure.

Most of the merchants and business owners don’t even know that they are making mistakes. So, for fixing those common problems, let’s know what those problems are:

1) Thinking that you have a lot of time

However you do have time to repair the glitches, but there is no time to put off mobile optimization. It’s not only you who don’t understand the way mobile commerce works but rarely any e-commerce development company in India is an expert at that.

Every business owner should understand that just because they are getting traffic on their online shopping site at present doesn’t mean that all their customers are happy and contented without a mobile application of your business. Soon, they can move to your competitor who is having a mobile website and understand the m-commerce. So, you don’t have a lot of time, and you must act now.

2) Only youngsters shop through mobile

It is true that youngsters are in majority among the shoppers who are using the mobile commerce service the most, but thinking that only youngsters are using it is a big mistake. And, if any e-commerce development company in India is doing this mistake, it is surely losing its customers.

In reality, almost a quarter of mobile shoppers are?above the age of 55. Surely, you don’t want to refuse sales to 25% of your most loyal customers. By assuming that they don’t want mobile commerce option, you’ll be losing them.

Not considering the age of your target customers, a mobile commerce solution is very important. All right, younger shoppers are more probable to shop through mobile ?so certainly, if you do serve to millennial you’ll need a mobile friendly site and they?are, not the only ones. Presuming older shoppers don’t need your mobile site is a risky thing indeed.

3) Thinking mobile commerce and e-commerce are same

Thinking that mobile commerce is less important than online shopping site is more dangerous than thinking that they both are the same. If you don’t think that mobile commerce is a viable channel for shoppers, then you haven’t thought about the navigational requirements for the mobile e-commerce website development, the functional needs of the website and payment options, or the appearance of products and information on the mobile version of your business website. Worse, you most likely have your mobile guys separate from the e-commerce guys when they should be working jointly to present a flawless experience for consumers.

Hence, mobile shopping should be an essential part of your business, whether you’re online, in a physical store, or both. Mobile marketing and purchasing is a significant part of buyers decision-making, and of course, you don’t want to disrupt that practice for anything.


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