5 Ways of Making A Low Cost & Interactive Blog Post


Static marketing content is as archaic as print-only newspapers in the present day of online marketing services. Like the day-old newspapers turn into litter on the roads, static digital content is of no use to the common reader. By such an overflow of static marketing content, a single content barely becomes noticeable in comparison to others, implicating that brands merge and ideas grow fainter.

Viewers want the dynamic character of interactive digital content. The following five ways will right away let every digital marketing company begin interacting with your readers and attract them, to converts them at a higher rate.

1) PlayBuzz

With PlayBuzz you can generate free countdowns, polls, personality quizzes, flip cards, trivia, rankable lists, general lists, gallery quizzes and a swipe voting attribute well-liked in many mobile applications. Every attribute has an attractive quality that grabs viewers interest and can exchange information rapidly in a visual mode. It also keeps visitors on your page for a longer time.

While choosing from so many alternatives, choose the highly interactive one like like?contests and swipes, which are beneficial for social platforms, whereas flip cards and polls are great for -heavy content.


2) SlideShare

Slide presentations are very common to every company and in fact, almost every online marketing company has seen or utilized it, These are used in discussions, training, lectures, project meetings, etc. One of the most popular marketing, sales and proposal tactics is to put facts and information in a brief, easy to understand layout, and SlideShare helps in doing the same, online.

SlideShare?can be implemented into any blog post and splits down a subject for readers in a more visual and attention-grabbing manner than static texts or paragraphs. Try it with an existing post that needs more visits but provides valuable content.

3) Make a GIF

Images and graphics do extremely well at amusing and adding some fun into your digital marketing content. It demonstrates that you have a sense of humor. Also, you should take care of using GIFs in moderation and only for suitable topics.

4) Qzzr

If any online marketing company wants that the products they are promoting will do well when the customers are quizzed, then Qzzr is the most appropriate tool for connecting to them further. Qzzr is a free quiz-making platform which comes with a WordPress plugin for easy incorporation into blogs. It lets you construct a quiz in a short time. Insert it into any post and keep a track of the results.

5) Podcasts

Aren’t podcasts just for?serial fans?or listeners of public radio. Any kind of audio format is a profitable idea for the busy persons. It gives multi-taskers an opportunity to devour your content on their conditions. There may not be sufficient time in the day to read all the content moving within some industries or communicate with definite companies.

If online marketing companies in India give professionals a way to get all the profits of static content for the period of their daily travel without hiding their faces in a display, they may notice a rise in curiosity and customer dialogue. It’s also good for audio learners and is extra casual and open setting for getting guests and commentators to encourage a productive conversation.

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