…and thus, begun Ask and Relax!

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The story of Ask and Relax starts with two feelings one is the zeal to?do something in life and to a strong disgust about the unprofessional?attitude of the?people in the local market.

So, here goes the story. There was once a marketing professional, who?got tired of the?unacceptable work environment at her current company and then there was also a?creative mind, with loads of experience. Both of them were brimming with?enthusiasm but had had enough at their jobs.

What came next was the very contemporary why dont we start our own?thing, why dont we become our own boss? With the thirst to do?something more in life, both of them decided to work up a base. They?started with?looking around in the market, to understand the market and the future?of it and how can?they claim their share of success and fame.

A digital agency looked like something they were both looking for.?Soon, as the time passed, they realized that their tag team can work
wonders and give them?a dream that will be fulfilling to both of them.

They found that the local market was very nave when it came to the?power of Internet and most of the prospects were not aware of the?importance of social media/website/blog etc. for their business. When?they started talking to the prospective clients, tech jargon or?business lingo looked too complex to convince them and so the easy and?assuring name ? Ask and Relax was conceived.

Then started the creative process, which included logo designing,?branding, website creating, making social media pages, etc. The
creative mind started doing these things and on the way to finish them?all, he found his teammates, a designer and a copywriter, both
competent and experienced.

In the meanwhile, the multitasking marketing mind looked into multiple?issues while?looking for other important profiles; web developer and social media?manager. She hunts down a good team in just a couple of weeks and the?company changed gear with a team of 5.

Today, we are operating with multiple projects in hand and a team?which is working hard?and all willing to take it to a new level. Brainstorming, idea?churning, resulting in the analysis is how we spend our days at Ask and Relax.?We welcome ideas from all the team members, of course, criticism is?welcome too but with a pinch of salt.

We are delighted now that the venture is now at a comfortable stage?and we have some good local brands under our belt. With some
experience and bucket loads of enthusiasm, we have arrived in the?market and hope to make it big in an ever growing trend of using
Social media for all things good and?shiny.?So, this is how Ask and Relax came into existence. It might look like?a common evolution story but for us, it is a mighty story which has?made us what we are today and what we will become tomorrow.

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