Best Social Media Ideas to Increase Leads and Business

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Social Media Postings at Ask and Relax are done every day after a team session, where we brainstorm, discuss, agree, disagree and sometimes bang our head against the wall. It is a very creative process presided over by the CCO of Askandrelax. Not that we have a lot of say in the final designs but he ensures that our creative juices do not dry down. Yeah! Thats some tough in-house coaching for an extremely competitive future in the design industry.

Anyways back to the business. During this very serious and hair pulling process, we sketch out the requirements of our clients, define the targets for growth through Social Media and devise a strategy for everyday posts which will eventually convert the prospects. While we are at such an uphill task, we come up with some posts for Ask and Relax as well.

We take pride in saying that most of our best work (which we think is best) has shown the expected results. And it goes without saying that most of our best creative, sarcastic, to the point designs come from the boss of the creative juices department. Here are 8 of the best posts that have been designed and used for Ask and Relax. We love them, your opinion is welcome too.

This post was one of Ask and Relaxs best prelaunch post. It was intended to raise curiosity for the importance of Social Media in every day life.


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