Four Mistakes To Avoid Penalty On Your Website

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If you think that websites development, designing, and maintenance is not such a big deal after all. Think twice.

Websites are made for generating business and nobody wants to face any penalty or site penalty. However, many websites in the past have faced such problems, but they were mainly because of carelessness, SEO mistakes or through black-hat techniques. In this article, I’m going to discuss a few of those instances where website development companies can really get themselves penalized.

  1. Link-Based Business Association

A lot of enterprises create relationships with other enterprises. In order to establish a strong relationship, both the business owners decided to create links to each other’s website, so that they can improve the SEO and click-through traffic.

at times, however, these good intents of exchanging links may end up harming one or both of the websites. When a website include a link to another website, for example, a footer link, ?obviously the first website will get lots of links because of this footer link the second website has included a direct link to the homepage of the first website.

This can become highly tricky and the first website may get manually penalize for having a highly suspicious?link rate, a strangely high number of links from a particular site, and link positioning in the footer.

Hence, every website development company in India and across the world should remain cautious of such mistakes to avoid any kind of penalty.

  1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs may sometimes help in website SEO, but it can also be harmful also Affiliate linking a complex and confusing as many SEO agencies keep thinking hard about the ways of dealing with the affiliate links properly.

Online affiliate affairs are big trades. Most of the time, they’re spam free and any SEO company in India take on in affiliate dealings without any apprehension of penalization.

An unplanned or haphazard affiliate may lead to problems that are hard to deal with and may cause a great But if a company goes into affiliate linking willy-nilly, they can get bit.

  1. Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is an influential SEO approach, and several times it works just well. chiefly, you find the main influencers in a given role, contact them with a request, and get links, viewers coverage, and other key benefits.

On being shaken by a number of search engine algorithm updates, influencer outreach still profits the receiving websites.

If the influencer outreach aims at a low-influence role, the back-links?could compromise the website. Even though, if the influencers are authoritative, the link value from their websites will not improve your websites SEO. Conversely, it could spoil it.

When you start an influencer outreach campaign, select your targets?cautiously. If you have no option but to throw a niche that is typically low-authority and spammy, then you must request the influencers to employ no-follow links. give the code which can be incorporated into the blog and articles for this reason. Also, you can create a separate landing page for the influencer outreach for which you should take the help of a good website development company in India.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is amazing if you do it in the right way. Though, guest blogging has some of its own risks.

The risks here might not be what you expect. It includes the niche in which you guest blog, not simply the fact that you are guest blogging.

It is recommended that you must be selective with?our guest blogging prospects. Limit yourself to high authority sites that would offer some advantage ahead of a link for SEO (like website traffic, brand coverage, etc.).

If you start guest blogging on every other website that you find, those sites can be spammy, penalized, and completely risk. The back-links that you’ll receive from the guest blogs can send you dangerous link to your website, which can eventually cause a penalty crack down on your website.

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