How SEO Companies can prepare for Googles Removing Right-Side Ads in the Organic Search Results?


In? their recent decision, Google has decided to remove the ads from the right-hand side of their desktop Search Engine Result Pages. This decision has been creating a lot of debate among the online marketers and advertisers. Even every SEO company in India is puzzled with this very news.

The thing to ponder upon is that exactly what has been changed! The maximum amounts of ads have been removed and that means those advertisers will get fewer clicks that are not in top three positions of the paid positions. Also, this is going to affect the organic traffic for competitive auctions. Companies providing SEO services want to know if this decision is going to make an impact on organic search and if yes, what they can do about it?

Let’s find out what changes have been implemented by Google and what an SEO agency can do about it.

Fewer ads above the crease mean it would be tougher to keep up the same quantity of impressions and clicks one used to maintain. It could also lead to higher Cost Per Clicks as bidding battles happen for those desired top positions. If you’re bidding in a competitive auction and aren’t willing or able to attain spots one through four you may wish to ask yourself if those keywords you’ve selected are valuable enough at all.

If you wish to?stay on course through these amendments,?follow the below tips:

  • 1) Analyze how your ads will look in Googles SERPs

If you are an SEO company in India or any other place in the world, and you are running a Google search campaign, just preview your new results at the Tools tab. Just click on the Ad Preview and Diagnosis. Here, you can foresee the search results by location, language, device and domain.

  • 2) Evaluate your probable position in SERP for a particular keyword

Remember that in order to sustain high impressions and clicks on your advertisements; you’ll require an average position higher than three or four depending on the keyword. If your position is lower than three or four; your ad will be shoved below organic results, or worse, the second page of the SERPs. You can locate the Average Position metric in the Keywords tab of AdWords.

  • 3) Raise your average spot in search results for related keywords

There are two chief methods to raise your average spot: increase your bid, or?advance your Quality Score. Google finds out?Ad Rank?based on your bid vs. the competition, everyone else bidding on that keyword, as well as Quality Score, which is based on how related your ad and landing page are to the search term that activated the results. To get to the top, increase your bid and quality score.

Whereas it’s a good thought to aspire for those top spots, you shouldn’t essentially feel stress to attain number one. Excessively high of a bid and the resulting clicks may make less revenue for your company than the ad’s charge. That would be terrible.?Always use CPA (Cost per Acquisition or Conversion) as your trump metric. Concentrating on this over position or CTR will maintain your campaigns cost-effective as you bid for those top positions. Conversion metrics always win over click metrics.

All SEO company in India should keep in mind that these changes have made it even more significant that you’re improving your website for the top organic position, and also the level of knowledge.

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