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To be Honest! How did we do this?

With sheer grit, determination and diligent work we accomplished our aim. Ideally, four pillars are used as a stanchion for any roof to get a grip on the soil. We too started from four, who stood as a framework for this group and have taken it along with the whole team way across since the start. 15th October 2014 a day of multiple emotions for the founder Ms. Molly Joy ?to believe We can do it.

Ask and Relax, a Bhopal-based digital marketing company ?is a platform where we serve the best in the frames; Communication, Advertising, Branding, and Marketing in the digital landscape. With a couple of clients who started with us in our journey, we have now proliferated to many which can’t count on our fingers.

On account of our quality work, timely deliveries and creative strategies Ask and Relax have bagged not just clients of Bhopal but also spread its wings across Madhya Pradesh. We even take the honor to make our work expand worldwide; UK, USA. Our work is recognized on the terms of systematic approach. This couldn’t have been possible without our team of Content, Graphics, Development, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Human Resource. We as a bunch work unitedly towards delivering the peerless work to our clients in the location of the quality driven product.

You are a success if you achieve your purpose, regardless of whether money is involved. We took time and understood our purpose. If you really don’t know where you are going, you will not be there. Money, of course, will be a part of it but where does it sit on the list of your motivators? Thus we deep-rooted ourselves to the understanding of Online marketing, Advertisements and Digital. Our technical team and writers worked day and night to study the strategies which they used to give shapes to the projects of our clients with a creative look that defined our kind of work amongst the crowd.

Proving apt to its name, Ask & Relax has always satisfied its client by delivering exactly and even better than what they had expected. These clients belonged to an assortment of enterprises like food chains, health industry, real estate industry, retailers, education sector, politics, a chain of hotels, etc. Not just restricting ourselves to companies but also we have worked for the personal campaigns and portals of top politicians of Bhopal who are still along with our growing company.

We went on creating customer engagement programs and direct marketing packages for our brand looked for opportunities to give rather than to get. Whoever makes the first kind gesture, tends to gain the most. Rightly we did it and have still kept our foot tight to the soil with our attitude to work, patience, and perseverance. With the passage of time, our group has not just connected with clients in terms of business but also struggled to retain the best talent at work and striving for ways to create an emotional bond in our employee’s mind.In the midst of the busy life in office attending conferences, meeting the targets, convincing the clients we never miss the fun parts of life to refresh ourselves.

Our style of YUMMY LUNCH with a gift to the best dish bought at the end of the month is a way to create a family aura. With too much stress often we get the light treats to fill us with an energy boost. We take initiative to give the awards with a funny touch to give a relax mood to our people. The Human Vulture Award for eating anything found lying around steals the show.

Its 5 OClock somewhere. Here goes the Award for the Most Eager to Quit Working Employee.

Our people work around the clock restricting their holidays to give the timely delivery to our clients which is the sole reason for us to spread globally as well.

Not just this the laughing contexts, relaxing trips from the company with the team, team parties, liberty to enjoy music at work to refresh your heart and soul are the little efforts we do to give them a fun loving work place. We believe our people to be our biggest asset who need to liberalise themselves with so much of tedious job all round? the clock.

Calling on a humble note to celebrate our second anniversary, Ask and Relax pledge to never take rest in cultivating the best of creative strategies to our clients offshore and onshore. With all our highs and lows in the past two years we take our voyage further with unfailing true self-confidence and look for giving the best of services in world of Advertisement and Online Digital Marketing.

With our vision to globally expand our spheres, we believe in making a standing note of quality services for creating an imprint of our own.

Directors message:

Way back people were not educated much to the concept of Digital Marketing.It was often understood as Social Media Maketing. But with our ways to reconceptualize it since past two years in this business we made companies to redefine their own brands in a bigger and better platform. Our 4Cs to venture the set up ; Clarity, Consistency, Credibility and Competitiveness are our stanchions to march further. Ms Molly Joy

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