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Dedicating myself to connect and improve the community and a lot of things to do differently. You’ve got a proprietary product, I’d simply love to hear you because honestly I and my team have worked for giving the best solutions for a business like E-Commerce. So if you’re manufacturing a product or into E-commerce and just looking to sell, let me know. Give a shout to, and just make multiple time money in your pockets.

Have you heard of marketing metrics recommendation? I have analyzed that this is something that spheres round in the boggling minds of E-commerce founder. Every project that I’m associated with designs a? (question mark) signifying what the client needs. We as a team then figure it out, the first being digging the metrics Hindsight 20/20. Land up with increased PPC Budgets, 3xemails and something like the social stream is how it goes. But again if you go by the normal sales cycle perhaps your marketing may fail.

Big Audacious Metrics like Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) or Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or the very important one Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) when you judge your brand in a small review window. Look at these and they are available in your marketing analytics, what we do is make sure that these segments are made within a shorter period against a longer medieval average to highlight how the CURRENT marketing tactics are working.

Calculate in multiple data points and you will understand whether or not there will be a rise or fall in your numbers to the relative time allotted. Personalization adds more value and on a long run will help your product. Your retina should be ready to see the next wave that would help consumer discover and save money making the product fit into the proper space.

The question is how we do it?

We have more thirst quenching studies on how this section of clients has to build a promising future in collaboration with us. To be very honest figuring out what you are going to do in this world in the next five years. And, I want, the next thing I do is to think about something I can pour myself into completely. So does the mind of a CEO wants in any context? E-commerce is a bang and much to it is the digital landscape and the calculations that are to be provided from an authenticate partner who understands your goal.


Before I close, would like to add it’s a great experience that I have developed here. A couple of case studies is to be presented to me in this context of how are we surviving in the domain of this invincible touch of E-commerce.

Till then

Signing off

Lory Pattanaik

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