Say Wow To Fun In Digital With The Marketer

No truth, then it isn’t funny. No idea about what you call it, but we name it ‘ Work’. All those cat videos, digging minds on bad puns, pen down the snarky engenders are the greatest aspects of a marketer rightly goofing off. Is it an amazing fun working in a digital agency sharing funny tales from Monday blues too? Friday Nights fetching some laughter to your day.

The Hilarious Marketing:

Reviewing the content calendar for Facebook, you get a call from the client and words go as:

“Well, everything is pretty good, but why do you post on Saturdays and Sundays. Isn’t Facebook closed on these days?” ( And you are done with it. If such was the case our life would have been easier Sir;)

Come up with the Mobile App

You get a call:

Tring Tring

Hello, Prateek! I want you to develop a Mobile App for me

Surely. Give us the brief, Short.

Very Guess next to Instagram

Custom Page

Finally Its occasion time and you land up with campaigns.

I want as people browse in Facebook Page they would see fireworks / colors on my page and our Brand should be highlighted

( What an opportunity Facebook is missing, isnt it?)

Every marketer has this challenge which sometimes turns out to be frustrating, even- cut the crap expectation, crazy demands, Drizzy changes anytime heading towards you.


Scratch your head and just cling on to the directors art as to why he hasnt confined to any emotions.

Digital Fun

Now refer to this image and think isnt it true? This is the digital cry that many financial Institution has rushed in blindly with no real strategy to speak of.


Many call it brand establishment, giving a new paint coat to their brand without changing consumer feelings and expectations of their brands.



But the big fat burning question : What was the impact of our bottom line?

Basically, its the data we? choose or persuade the audience to buy into whatever we want them to believe.

Clearly, these things connect with each other since its all about those who count and those who cant. Thus, grab a cuppa , sit back and enjoy some of these odd funny notes on marketing which is driving people crazy.

Share your stuff and let me know Whats made you laugh today?

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