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I have always pinned on the fact that team socials and recreational events for any corporate is very essential. Highlighting the fact that a company where no laughs, fun or play would always be the dreary workplace. I would never want to fit into such place of work.

Concerning these facts, I have devoted this blog space to blending team building and team recreation substituting fun and games for real team building. Devoting quality time underscoring the benefits that our recreational events have set up in the package of Ask and Relax Info Network Private Limited it been a great beginning for each one out here.


We’ve has been planning annual meeting for one of our regular clients establishing a cherishing moment to the two years of collaborated work. For recent events, we stroked things on rock n roll style event. Music & Dance, Parties and adventurous trips giving an opportunity to co-workers to show a different side of their personalities.

People rejuvenated and hammed it up imbibing a different team spirit. We have used our recreational activities taking it further to helping the new employee feel comfortable, breaking down departmental barriers, giving employees a chance feel more comfortable with management, rewarding top performers, celebrating success and milestones and helping the team to charge their batteries after a stressful quarter each year.

It’s your turn now

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  • Does your company offer such events?
  • What is those occasion that creates a retreat?

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