What is a good website design ?


Getting a domain name registered and putting up some content, is simply not enough to make a good website. A lot of other things also contribute to making a website complete online success. Proper web designing is one such important aspect, which can make or break a website.

Web designing again does not mean just good colors or fonts. It is actually a strategic process that involves a lot of details. Following are the 10 points, which will elaborate on what makes for a good website design.

  1. Layout

The layout is the basic design of a website, which defines what goes where on it. A well-planned website layout makes for easy access to everything. There should be a place for everything that is important for that particular website and all the headers, footers and lists should be organized based on priority.

  1. Colors

Colors play a very important role in the design of a website. Surveys have proven that viewers like a few colors more than others. And hence, it is important to use colors smartly on a website. Like red can be used to catch someones attention and bright blue can be used to sensitize a particular content. Every color has a purpose and its a good idea to use them for that.

  1. Clicks

The number of times a person has to click in order to retrieve their desired results decides their perception about the website. A website that needs a lot of inputs from the user, is always a turn-off. So, just 3 clicks are what you need to focus on. Your website should be designed in a way that nobody has to click more than thrice to retrieve what they have been looking for.

  1. Navigation

Navigation means finding your way around the website. Now, wont it get irritating to not find something you have been looking for? A good website design insists on having a clear cut web site, where anything can be found easily and the tab hierarchies arent kilometers long.

  1. Fonts

A good website design must have a good font, which is systematically used in different sizes. When a user logs on to a website for some content, he/she wishes to read the content in a format that is comfortably readable. If a font is too small, or too cursive, it may discourage a reader from digging deep. A good font also adds to the neatness of the layout.

  1. Neatness

Talking of neatness, a lot of things contribute to the neatness of a website. Neatness doesnt mean simply having a white background. It means having proper layouts, good fonts, decent colors, real hyperlinks and a lot more such things, which together make a website.

  1. Good content/strategic content

Content is King, its probably a very old saying now but is still a fact that cannot be ignored at any cost. Well planned content, written in a professional manner, can work wonders for the web design. No matter what the cost, its always advisable to get all the official content professionally done.

  1. SEO

SEO is what ranks the website and makes it visible. No amount of designing can get a website, the footfalls that it deserves if it is not high on SEO. Professional SEO is what will get a webpage on the first page of Google, rest all methods, no guarantee.

  1. High-quality pictures

Pictures add up to the beauty of a website. They define the design and make it look classy or shabby, depending on the pictures that are chosen. Its imperative to always use high-quality pictures for the blog. Its also important to use original pictures. Copied pictures lead to copyright issues which can be easily avoided.

  1. Responsive design

Responsive design means that the website is clearly and completely visible in all the mediums. Mediums mean PC, tabs and mobile phones. Most of the websites are not responsive and hence, do not load properly on different devices.

A lot goes into the making of a good website design. The above-mentioned points are just a few most important points, which must not be missed at any cost. We will be putting up more soon. If you have any brilliant tips for web designing, leave them in comments.

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