What is to be expected on this Womens Day?


As this day dawned upon me, which is known all over the world as International Women’s Day, I was thinking of all the issues related to women that we must bring into light; to make this world a better and a safer place for women.

Today, the internet is flooding with heart-warming, inspirational and emotional messages for women, but at the same time, I found a few people making lewd comments on pictures of female audiences from India Vs Bangladesh T20 final cricket match. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg in the current world scenario where forget about equal wages or equal participation in parliament or army, women are not even getting an equal status and respect in their families. As a matter of fact, crimes, violence, and injustice against women have increased or might be they are getting reported more than ever. Every day we hear and read about instances of rapes, domestic violence, eve-teasing, cyber crimes against women, harassment at workplace, and many other types of day to day offenses against women of all age and ethnicity. The thought of women empowerment on the basis of education is acceptable, but this thought also fails us when even the educated, independent and qualified women, sitting on top positions are facing sexism in one or the other way.

What I want to emphasize here is that merely singing praises for women on this single day while making the other 364 days of the year a struggle for them in various ways doesn’t make sense. What is the need of the present day women? What do they actually want? What changes has to be made to make this weaker sex (which I don’t believe they are!) stronger? Unless we know the exact answers to all these questions and find out the solution to the major problems women are facing today, Women’s Day cannot be celebrated in its true sense. Let me discuss some points here.

Understanding Equality

The word equality is too simple, yet often misunderstood by the majority of people, especially when it comes to equality for women. I agree that there are reservations for women, at many places like in trains, buses, govt. jobs and education, etc. But, do these reservations ensure equality to women? To some extent, these can improve the conditions of women, but until and unless the society changes its misogynist thinking and behavior towards women, equality will remain a misunderstood term. The traditional hypocritical rules set for women are deep-seated into the mindset of people. Especially, in a country like India, where traditions are inseparable and influence the decisions of every political and social group, changing the mindset of people is a real challenge.

The Need for Stronger Law and Order

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), every day 93 women are being?raped?in India. Can you believe, 93? Or it may 100! How often do you hear about rapists being punished? Our law and order system often provides an easy escape to the criminals, and if in any case any of them gets punished, it takes years of struggle, pain, and humiliation on the victims part to get the justice. This weakness of our law system is being exploited by the skunks really well and still, no solid steps have been taken till now.

There is not just one, but various crimes against women like domestic violence, elders abuse, feticide, human trafficking, sex slavery, etc. which are plaguing the world and worsening the conditions of women. To add to this, lack of sanitation and proper medical facilities, discrimination in education and at workplaces are some other problems that need quick and urgent attention from the government.

More of the Feminism Dose

Somehow, the idea of feminism is being projected by a certain group of people as women seeking favors for being a woman. However, the true intention of feminist thinking is equal opportunities, laws, and freedom for women. It includes freedom from baseless traditional norms, which are expected to be followed only by women. It includes freedom from making women a symbol and brand ambassador of conservative, orthodox stipulations. It doesn’t include taking unfair advantage of certain privileges given to them, but making use of such opportunities in strengthening their moral and social standing along with helping those who need those privileges the most.

In the end, I would just like to mention that Women’s Day will really become a day to celebrate the womanhood when women will achieve not only the legal and politically equal rights, but also when a revolutionary change in the thoughts of the society, the thought of the men of the world, and also the women will broaden at the level where they’ll start to see this race of humankind as their equal, and very much like themselves.

At Ask and Relax, we promptly emphasize the importance of providing equal growth opportunities to our women brigade. The very proof of the women empowerment here is the Co-founder and director of Ask and Relax Info Network Pvt. Ltd. Mrs. Molly R. Joy, who has been playing a role of an ambitious, strong and self-made entrepreneur. I hope, like her, with this women’s day, more women will find ways to an empowered and independent future.

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