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Ask & Relax, is an internet marketing company in India, which brings excellent PPC internet advertising service where promoters are only have to pay when a user actually clicks on their advertisement, & therefore, it is named “pay-per-click”. Pay per click is a kind of advertising form in which marketers’ advertisements are shown to users of search engines such as Google display ads. The internet users enter their search terms into the search engine. Text-based ads are often displayed to users of search engines before showing the results of their query, and at any time a customer clicks on one of these Google ads, the advertising party is charged.

PPC ads are generally sold in an online sale. For every click on the advertisement you have to make payment as per your wish. When your amount is the highest, you have the opportunity to rank number one in the funded results. The quality result is something, which can also your ranking a lot.

PPC can also prove to be a good deal. Every now and then, you can find keyword ‘slots’ for which the top offer is around $.10 – in that situation, PPC is certainly a grand alternative.

Get a successful traffic to your website with the best PPC Agency in India.

Being the best PPC agency in India ,we drive traffic to your website getting you the top placements and prospective clients without delay. Our advertisement campaign triggers visitors to hit your website within moments your account is created. With every click your amount is the highest and you get a ranking in google.

  • Effective selection of keywords for promotion.

  • Appealing design and optimal ad placement.

  • Constant campaign analysis and strategy optimization.

  • Sufficient budget and aggressive bidding.

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